Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ideas for Dinner - Pinching Pennies

I love to cook, but it can be expensive. Here are some of my favorite cheap go-tos for dinner:

Get a package of bacon & split it into 3 portions - use for any of the following:
- blts with oven roasted potatoes
- Pasta with bacon & parm cheese
- Mark Bittman's Pasta with Potatoes (a pasta & potato kind ofstew flavored with a bit of bacon & spiced with red pepper flakes)

green salad with poached eggs & hash browns

quiche or frittata

baked potatoes with broccoli, cheese & green onions

meatloaf or sloppy joes

pasta with red sauce made from canned tomatoes, herbs & black olives

Lemon fettucine

Mark Bittman's Pasta with Charred Onions & Cilantro

The Urban Peasant's Pasta with Sauteed Mushrooms (using button mushrooms), flavored with soy sauce

Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

Cheese Quesadillas with Green Salad

Pancakes with Fruit

Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Rice with spinach & feta

Egg-fried rice with peas & green onions

Potato soup (homemade) with garlic bread

Pumpkin soup (homemade) with a green salad

Tomato soup (homemade)

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