Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretty Chitty Bang Bang

We went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on tour at the Philadelphia Academy of Music (the Broadway on tour series) this afternoon. Chloe had really liked the movie, so this seemed like a good play to go to. She had been to some smaller productions before, but nothing like this. It was really spectacular - especially the sets and the effects. And Steve Wilson, who played Caractacus Potts, was very good. (Although he couldn't make me forget Dick Van Dyke in the dance numbers.)

Lately, Chloe has been saying she would like to try set design, and I think this made her more interested than ever. Then again, she's only seven, and I'm not a lawyer or a vet, which were both on my list when I was her age... I don't think architect ever occurred to me until after college. But I digress...

Next on our list to see is Wicked, which comes to Philadelphia in January. None of us has seen it, but Chloe is intrigued since she has seen the Wizard of Oz. We had such a great time in New York earlier this week, we may even go up there to see it before then!


slosurfer said...

That sounds fun! My kids are 4 and 1, not sure if I'm ready to take them to a play yet. :)


Andrea said...

slosurfer - I don't think it would have been worth it for us until this year. Heck, we finally just got her to the movies for the first time last spring!