Sunday, April 12, 2009

One of Millions Online

I started out writing this blog to promote my shop, but I seem to write less about etsy and more about daily life. I guess that's because etsy is not full time for me, and because I find it easier to write about day-to-day stuff. I sometimes wonder why I write this then, rather than keep a diary. Although I must admit that I've always been crap at keeping diaries. No Anne Frank, me.

At any rate, here's one guy's bid to be noticed among all the online bloggers/vloggers.

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neilwaukee said...

writing a blog serves the purpose of forcing you to write, to perform, becasue no matter how many people read this, or don't they could, and do, so you write better and more, than a diary, it forces hard work, now go blog. and have fun.