Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Did Over Winter Vacation

We've had a busy week. We went to the Comcast Center - the tallest building in Philadelphia. In fact, the tallest "green" building in the country.

They have installed a form of public art - a 2,100 square foot LED screen with resolution 5 times that of HD tv - in the lobby. They show films there year-round for the public to see, and they have a holiday show. Chloe and I went to the regular show back in August, and we went with Philip and his mom to see the holiday show. It's pretty impressive.

Then we went downstairs to the foodcourt and had Belgian frites from di Bruno brothers.

On Tuesday we went to New Castle, Delaware, just south of Wilmington. It's a gorgeous little town on the river and was the point of William Penn's first landing. Here is a photo from the village green.

On Wednesday, we decorated a gingerbread house and then Chloe and I went with her best friend and her friend's mom to Oliver at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia - the oldest operating theater in the US. The show was good, but I had never seen Oliver and thought the end was a bit grim for 8-year olds (although I think it kind of went over their heads).

Yesterday I played mah jongg and then we celebrated New Year's Eve (and Philip's birthday) with champagne, cupcakes, New Super Mario on the Wii, and darts. We did the Philadelphia area thing and banged pots and pans at midnight outside - very strange.

I will close with a picture of Summer ringing in the new year. Happy 2010!


Sandee said...

Wow sounds like you've been busy but fun busy!! Love the pup too. Happy New Year!

Andrea said...

Thanks Sandee! Best wishes for a happy and healthy year!