Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Have the Most Easily Interpreted Dreams...

I have the most straight-forward dreams of anyone I know. I had my first dream/nightmare about Chloe growing up last night.

In my dream I was taking her to school. She pulled away and ran into the building, telling me she knew where she was going.

I ran after her, but at every door I tried to open, a teacher told me I couldn't enter there. I finally made my way to the front entrance of the school and got to her classroom. I could see all of her classmates there, but not Chloe. I was in tears, but then she came in with a group of students - last in line. And she was fine of course.

No need to read a book of interpretations for this!


Anonymous said...

I have some that are transparent, others that are far too convoluted for me to translate :)

Andrea said...

Most of mine are completely transparent. You must be more mysterious than I am!