Sunday, December 20, 2009

My little star with the star

Here's Chloe putting the finishing touch on our Christmas tree yesterday. And here it is done. We had been going to make our annual family event of cutting one down on Saturday, but the snow got in the way. So we bought one in the dark on a lot on Friday night right before the snow began. We (I) took forever to pick one and it was freezing out. The search for the perfect tree...

This morning Philip and I shovelled the drive. And this afternoon will be more baking (will post a favorite recipe tomorrow) and playing cards with Chloe, Philip, and Grandma, who is here visiting from England.

Still much to do before Christmas. I can't believe I haven't yet written one Christmas card. And I still have presents to wrap, and - horrors - four packages to mail. Fortunately they don't matter too much if they are a day or two late. I don't know what happened this year - maybe because Thanksgiving was so late - I got way behind. Must do better next year.

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