Monday, August 3, 2009

Depeche Mode at the Borgata

We went to see Depeche Mode at the Borgata last night. Yes, it was Chloe's first concert. At 7 years old she was probably the youngest there, but she really wanted to see them.

Holy heck, was it hot in there! Philip & I stayed toward the back so we could lift Chloe up to watch without getting squashed or blocking other people's views. It was a wonderful show! The first time I saw them was in 1984. Have seen them on 7 or 8 tours since. This was my first general assembly show for them. (Tried to see them at the Bayou in DC, but in 1983/84, but couldn't get in b/c I was too young.)

At any rate, it was a great show, Dave's recent injuries not withstanding. The band was in terrific form. And seeing them there was kind of like seeing a band at a high school reunion. Kind of a weird venue - very different from where I've seen them in the past.

I was surprised we were on the younger end of the crowd there, but maybe at $125 a ticket, a lot of younger people couldn't swing it. Also since it substituted for their Philadelphia location, maybe it was hard to get to for city dwellers. I have to say I was surprised they didn't play Philly - it was a hike from there for us, especially since Elton John/Billy Joel traffic was clogging up 95. (Gone are the days when I would have gotten there at 4pm for the VIP wristband to get you to the front - especially with Chloe in tow...) We contented ourselves with staying out of the fray to hear:

In Chains
Hole To Feed
Walking In My Shoes
It's No Good A Question Of Time
Fly On The Windscreen
A Question Of Lust
Come Back
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again

Encore: Stripped
Personal Jesus
Saw their set list before the show, and they cut out three songs: Strangelove, Master and Servant, and Waiting for the Night to Fall. Too bad... Have heard it might be because of a curfew or because of the oppressive heat in the venue.

At any rate, it was a fab show. The graphics for the album and show are not as strong as they were when Anton was working with them, but the music was great. More bluesy-influenced guitar from Martin than when I have seen them previously.

Chloe's favorite was Personal Jesus. She and I missed hearing John the Revelator. And I would have loved to hear Goodnight Lovers. Oh well... Still a great show. And glad to see Dave on his feet! Yay!


karen houghton said...

Hi Andrea! This is so weird! Frank and I went to a show at the Borgata last night and I was trying to look something up on Google this morning. The words Andrea, architect and Chloe came up so I clicked on the link, never really thinking it would be you. It wasn't until I saw that Chloe is 7 that it knew it was you! I had no idea you made jewelry. Your pieces are beautiful! Claire has already pointed out a few pairs of earrings she wants! Hope to see you soon! Karen

Andrea said...

Hi Karen -
So funny that you found me here! Proving that the internet is not as vast as one might think... Thanks for checking out my blog. See you soon!