Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nine days later...

I started back at work this week, hence the long silence. I have arranged to work 24 hours a week, which wouldn't be too bad if I weren't over-committed between volunteering for the Home/School Association and chairing the local Historic Preservation Commission. I'm just the girl who can't say no.

I had been assistant teaching at a Pre-K the last two years, but they lost a lot of their enrollment this year and couldn't offer me more than a few hours a week, so it seemed like a good time to try to resume my architecture career.

I have to say that given the economy I'm glad to be able to put away a little extra and have a second job in the family if (heaven forbid) anything happened to my husband's job. It will mean a little scrambling and probably some stressful moments (like sitting in traffic while driving home from Philadelphia trying to make sure I'm in time to get my daughter off the bus).

Still, I feel lucky to have the options that I do. Thanks to my parents for giving me the opportunities they did. Thanks to my husband and daughter for their support. And thanks to the people I work with for giving me a chance to try to balance work and home life!

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