Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucy the Elephant

Because my mother-in-law, Dorothy, is visiting from England, we always try to do at least one big day trip out to someplace different when she comes. This year we went to Atlantic City. The day was miserable, but we went to The White House Sub Shop for lunch - celebrity haunt and great for cheesesteaks! Then to the Boardwalk. We walked along the beach and then Philip & his mom went into the Taj Mahal just to check out a casino. (I think they spent a dollar!) Chloe and I of course went to James and Fralingers to check out the salt water taffy.

Then we drove down to Margate to see the real reason for our trip, Lucy the Elephant. She's six stories tall and a National Historic Landmark. She was originally built to try to help sell real estate in the 1880s. You can climb up inside her and check out the view from the howdah on her back. Definitely worth a visit if you are down that way.


CarolynArtist said...

Very cool landmark, I think I saw it on a PBS show, or maybe someplace on cable!

Andrea said...

Hey Carolyn - I think it's pretty famous. Since I do historic preservation architecture, it was something I had really been wanting to see. Pretty cool!