Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucky, lucky me!

Last week I got a package in the mail from Lisa, a fellow Etsian with a beautiful shop, lisaslovlies - http://www.lisaslovlies.etsy.com/ - and all for guessing what she was making for dinner! Lisa sent me the most gorgeous pair of earrings, pictured above. They are beautiful, and I am wearing them as I write this entry.

But I certainly have gotten more from her blog than a pair of earrings. Lisa is generous with her knowledge, posting about her studio and metal working. And reading her posts reminds me about keeping my priorities in order.

She has inspired me with her blog to try to keep up more regularly with mine. So here goes, a fresh start!


Anonymous said...

Andrea, thanks so much for the feature! I am so glad you like your earrings. Your kind words mean so much, I appreciate them more than you know.

Castalia said...

Thanks again, Lisa!

TheresaJ said...

Wow, you sure are lucky! So, what was for dinner? :)

Andrea said...

thanks, theresaj. Lisa was pressing tofu for a stir-fry!